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Top Case Results For The Law Offices of Gavril T. Gabriel

Results for Employment Matters

Wrongful Termination

Pulmonologist v. Health Care Provider and Her Supervisor

Our Client was a decorated 20-year pulmonologist for a well-known health care provider in California. After she was assigned to a new supervisor, she began experiencing unwanted sexual advances, retaliation and harassment. After complaining about the unfair treatment, she was suspended, written up and eventually terminated.  GTG Law filed a lawsuit, litigated the matter and successfully opposed a summary judgment motion. GTG Law was able to secure a settlement right before trial in the amount of $300,000.00.


Lead Supervisor v. Truck Operating Company

Our Client worked as a lead supervisor but suffered harassment, discrimination, and retaliation by their former employer after reporting an injury. Our Client also did not receive proper pay, overtime, meal and rest breaks. The employer eventually wrongfully terminated our Client. GTG Law was able to secure a settlement of $100,000.00 for our Client’s wrongful termination claims and $200,000.00 for the PAGA representation claims.


Female Gym Trainer v. Gym

Our Female Client was a successful and productive trainer for a local gym. She complained about unfair treatment, including gender discrimination and retaliation. After complaining to her supervisor about the retaliation, discrimination and harassment, the employer hired a replacement and then terminated our Client. Adding further insult to injury, the employer did not pay our Client her final paycheck when terminating her until months after the Client was terminated. GTG Law filed a lawsuit and secured a $265,000.00 settlement on behalf of the Client.


Female Truck Driver v. Employer and Sexual Harassing Co-Worker

Our Client drove long-haul trucks for her employer. During one of her long-haul rides across the United States, her co-worker, a male driver, joined our Client. During that ride, the male co-worker made numerous sexual advances while in the truck driving alongside our Client and even grabbed our Client’s breasts and pulled down his pants in an attempt to masturbate in front of our Client. After complaining to her Supervisor, the employer asked our Client to ride back with the sexually harassing co-worker. GTG Law filed a lawsuit and quickly secured a $250,000.00 settlement.


Female Mobile Home Manager v. Property Management Company

A female manager of a mobile home park was harassed and threatened at work on account of her gender. Even worse, the park’s owner refused to ensure that the manager and her family felt safe as they lived at the park. Things came to a head when corporate decided to terminate the manager when she refused a transfer that would had deprived her of housing, which was part of her pay. GTG Law secured a $200,000.00 settlement for our Client.


Wrongful Termination

A Female City Employee suffered harassment, discrimination, and retaliation by her immediate supervisor. Supervisor would make negative sexual jokes, derogatory sexual references about Female City Employee and ignored requests made by Female City Employee relating to her job duties. Female City Employee complained about this conduct to the Department Head, who did nothing and instead condoned Supervisor’s conduct. Female City Employee hired GTG Law to advocate for her rights. GTG Law secured a $150,000.00 settlement prior to filing a lawsuit.


Wrongful Termination

An African-American Client was terminated by his employer for “threatening” demeanor after not accepting an employer-offered severance package. After a thorough investigation by GTG Law, it was determined that the Client was terminated wrongfully because of his disability, and suffered, on an on-going basis, race discrimination from co-employees that the employer took no action after repeatedly being notified by our Client. Without filing a lawsuit, GTG Law secured a settlement for our Client for $90,000.00


Clinical Psychologist v. Elderly Care Facility

Our female Client worked for an elderly care facility. She suffered harassment, discrimination, and retaliation after inappropriately being reprimanded by her supervisor. Her supervisor created a hostile environment, which resulted in our Client suffering severe anxiety. After not being able to work, the Employer forced her to quit her job, resulting in lost benefits, lost income and lost wages. Plaintiff hired GTG Law to settle this matter for $90,000.00.


Office Assistant v. Insurance Agency and Her Supervisor

Our female Client was hired as an office assistant and misclassified as a salaried employee even though she was an hourly employee. This meant she was not paid for her overtime hours, minimum wages for all hours worked nor did she receive proper rest/meal breaks. Further, she was sexually harassed and after resisting the harassment, she was terminated. GTG Law filed a lawsuit on behalf of the Client and secured a $75,000.00 settlement.


Disabled Retail Box Worker v. Large Retailer and Staffing Agency

Our Client suffered a workplace injury while working for a staffing agency and a major retailer.  After reporting her injury to her supervisor and the staffing agency, she was placed on light duty for two weeks. After two weeks, the staffing agency told our Client she would not need to return to work. Soon thereafter, the agency indicated they did not have work for the Client.  GTG Law filed a lawsuit and secured a $70,000.00 on behalf of the Client.


Maintenance Worker v. Maintenance Services Employer

Client worked for a building cleaning service company. After working for his company for almost ten years, his employer wrongfully terminated him after he complained about his pay. He was also denied compensation for all wages owed to him. Client hired GTG Law, we filed a lawsuit and resolved the matter for $70,000.00.


Whistle Blowing Employee v. Employer

Our client who worked for a medical distribution company was harassed, discriminated against, and wrongfully terminated. Plaintiff complained of harassment and reported that her employer was unlawfully representing that her employer would accept Medical payments when they could not accept such payments. Client was wrongfully terminated. The Client hired GTG Law who then managed to settle the case for $60,000.00.


Wrongful Termination

Female Employee notified her Employer that she was pregnant. Less than one week later, the Employer terminated the Female Employee. GTG Law was able to secure a settlement after filing the lawsuit on behalf of the Employee for $55,000.00


Hispanic Female Employee v. Employer

Our Client suffered harassment, discrimination, and retaliation by her co-worker due to Client’s race. Co-worker consistently yelled, harassed, and humiliated Client during work hours due to Client’s race. Client was also falsely accused of calling Co-worker a derogatory name. Client was terminated due to the harassment, discrimination, and retaliation. GTG Law filed a lawsuit and quickly reached a settlement on behalf of the Client for $50,000.00.


Injured Employee v. Employer

A male employee injured his neck and shoulder at work. The employer failed to assist Client with filing a workers compensation claim and did not accommodate any requested accommodations. Client was then fired by the employer after not engaging in the good faith interactive process and not accommodating employee’s work restrictions. Client was harassed, discriminated, and retaliated against because of his disability. GTG Law filed suit and settled the case on behalf of the Client for $50,000.00.


Fast Food Restaurant Employee v. Fast Food Restaurant.

A female employee of a food restaurant sued for wage and hour violations. The restaurant failed to grant employee a fifteen-minute rest break, or a thirty minute uninterrupted lunch break. Plaintiff was never paid wages for working overtime. After the lawsuit was filed, GTG Law settled the suit on behalf of the Client for $50,000.00.


Sales Employee over 55 Years-Old v. A Vacation Ownership Employer

An employee that worked for a vacation travel agency was wrongfully terminated, discriminated, retaliated and harassed against. The company he worked for wrongfully terminated him after plaintiff was on disability leave. Employee hired GTG Law after filing a lawsuit and was able to secure a settlement on behalf of the employee.


Staffing Agency Employee v. Staffing Agency

Our client was discriminated and retaliated against by her employer because of her disability. She was then wrongfully terminated due to her disability. She was also not paid all her wages upon the end of her employment. GTG Law filed a lawsuit and secured a settlement on behalf of our client the amount of $50,000.00.


Employee v. Big Box Retailer

Our Client suffered a workplace injury while working for a Big Box Retailer. After reporting the injury, the Client was forced to wait for hours until she was able to get assistant for her injury.  Soon thereafter, the Client was terminated after complaining about the incident. GTG Law filed a lawsuit on behalf of the Client and secured a $45,000.00 settlement.


Female Employee v. Retailer

Our female client worked for a large retailer and during her employment she suffered harassment, discrimination and retaliation. Employee had a medical condition and informed multiple representatives of her condition, but nothing was done to accommodate the Client. After some time, the Client was wrongfully terminated. GTG Law secured a settlement in the amount of $35,000.00.


Results for Personal Injury Matters

Premises Liability (Trip and Fall)

Premises Liability

Client stepped and tripped over a 2 inch crack while walking on a driveway, causing her to fall and break her ankle. GTG Law was able to secure a $70,000.00 settlement prior to filing a lawsuit.